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Get Your Polybutylene Piping System Replaced

Polybutylene plumbing in Cape Coral, Florida home

If you are selling a home or purchasing a home in Southwest Florida, you need to be aware of the issues with Polybutylene plumbing systems. Polybutylene, also know as PB, Poly or Qwest piping is grey in color and fastened with copper colored crimp rings. Extensively manufactured and used from 1978 until 1995, polybutylene pipe is a water supply piping that was less expensive, more flexible, and easier to install than copper piping. It is commonly found in Southwest Florida due to the heavy residential construction from the 1980s through the mid-1990s. Multiple issues with this piping system have resulted in extensive failure and property damage and ultimately led to a class action lawsuit.

Polybutylene Piping - Florida

Recently a large number of home insurance companies have begun requiring homeowners to replace their Polybutylene plumbing systems in order to continue insuring the property or to insure a newly purchased property. In some cases, homeowners are finding that home insurance companies will either cancel their coverage when extensive damage is caused by polybutylene or refuse coverage to homes piped with PB.

At Aztec Plumbing we are well versed in polybutylene replacement and can complete an inspection of your home to confirm that you do have Qwest piping. Once it is determined that you have poly piping it should be replaced as soon as possible. As Southwest Florida’s 1 Day Repipe Specialist Aztec Plumbing can give you the details regarding the polybutylene replacement procedure and the costs involved. Further details can be found on our repiping page.